Rope Rescue

Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Medicine

CPR & First Aid Certification

Looking for world class wilderness adventure training?  The Wild Guide Mountain School has been training guides, adventurers and search and rescue teams since 2007.  We offer cutting edge, scenario based, wilderness rescue medicine and wilderness adventure training courses specifically designed to quickly take you to the next level.  We guarentee our trainings will give you and your team the confidence and competence to get the job done.   From adventure racers, guides, and long distance hikers seeking in depth, thorough wilderness travel & survival skills, to the professional search & rescue team looking to expand their rope rescue skillset,  The Wildguide Mountain School can give you the skills & training you need.  Come train with experienced guides and rescue specialists who are passionate and devoted to sharing their knowledge of wilderness skills and wilderness rescue medicine.

  • Survival, Wilderness Navigation & Rope Skills for adventures, educators, and team building

  • Wilderness Medicine Courses for guides, educators, outdoor adventurers & SAR teams

  • Technical Rescue courses for EMS, SAR, guides & outdoor adventurers

  • CPR & First Aid courses for organizations to maintain industry standard certifications